Business Lessons from Elite Sport - Part Four

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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I have recently started working with an athletics club which has some great people, all the way from the coaches and staff to the athletes and the parents. The club has a World champion, several Olympic athletes and many young future Olympians and national champions already.

Last night I was talking to some of the youngsters about the difference between the very BEST, the champions and those that don’t quite make it.

I explained that the difference is in the final 1%. Those that are willing to go to the place where most people won’t are the ones who WIN. Some of them may not even win that many medals but by pushing themselves to go to places where most people are afraid to go, they fulfil their potential as athletes. And that is the ultimate goal. That is all they can do.

They cannot control the destiny of other athletes. They can only control their own. Do their personal best. And when they have done that, no matter where it places them in their field, they are a winner, a champion.

Most of the time they end up in the medal category as an indirect result of this attitude. Success is often a by product of how far you are willing to go. How far you are willing to push yourself, to apply yourself, to test yourself.

The U17′s had a tough night last night. They did 6 laps of the track to warm up (2400 M/1.5 miles). Then they did 10 x 200M sprints. Not quite at 100% but at about 85-90%. A tough session!

Half way through some of them were struggling. I had a chat with some of them and told them what makes the difference. Where you have to be willing to go to. They were feeling the pain. I told them they need to embrace the pain. Most people try and avoid it and if they want to succeed, then they need to embrace the pain. “LOVE THE PAIN” I said.

In the tenth and final sprint they did just that. One of the young athletes amazed the coaches with his time. He ran the final 200M in 25s. He has only recently turned 16! Afterwards he could not walk and had temporary blindness from exerting himself so much. He went to that place where most people are not willing to go. He embraced his fear zone and boy did it pay off.

In life, we all have this fear zone. We have it in every aspect of our lives. Successful people embrace this fear zone while many people avoid it. Most of your success lies in this zone but you have to earn it. You often have to do the things you don’t enjoy doing but you know they are required.

The great thing about embracing this zone is that every time you do you gain new found confidence and belief. You gain self esteem and all kinds of positive emotions that set you off on a pathway to success.

Every time you avoid going to this place, the invisible barrier (FEAR) gets stronger. The only way to remove the barrier is to go through it. Go beyond it.

And you CAN. It is just a mental barrier. It only exists in your mind. Ignore the doubts and limiting thoughts that try and tempt you into staying in your comfort zone and step beyond it into your FEAR ZONE. Embrace it and watch your RESULTS soar.

This is the place you need to go to regularly. If you do then your life and your business will take on a whole new meaning and level of satisfaction.

As I explain in my book, you need to “make friends with fear”.

Inspiring you to be the best you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Performance Coach to Athletes and Businesses

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