Business lessons from Elite Sport - Part Two

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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This is the second in the series of lessons we can learn from the World of elite sports.

We can learn a lot from top perfomers in sport because the margins are so small that great achievers have to practise and master many success strategies.

The one I talked about in the first post was about application. Read it here.

Lesson number two 

Great performers in sports overcome many obstacles on their road to victory.

They understand the principle of Optimal Response.

On the road to success in any walk of life you will face many obstacles and it has been no different from the best of the best in sport.

You may watch them on TV and think, wow, they are so lucky. They get to live their dream, earn lots of money and have the World at their feet.

But I promise you that it has not been an easy journey for the majority of elite athletes. Every single one of them has overcome many obstacles, setbacks and disappointments and that is what makes them great.

It is not what happens to you but how you respond to it that matters.

The BEST respond to defeat and they respond quickly. They are quick to put it down to learning and move on. They never reside in a place of negativity. They don't have time. Their career is short and they must pick themselves up quickly and get back to their best.

But how is your life any different?

Life is short. It is to the majority of people anyway who just wander through it without really appreciating it and making the most of it. And we are all guilty of that at times.

But in elite sports there is no time to dwell or complain or over analyse why things don't work. You have to be solution-orientated and you have to be quick to implement the solution.

One result can change the whole course of your season in sports. In life, one event, one decision, one moment can also change your whole year.

You will face challenges, both small and large. Many of these will be beyond your control but what will determine your RESULTS more than anything else is how quick you are to RESPOND to them in a positive fashion.

No stop reading and go and respond to the latest challenge to pop up in your life.

Inspiring you to be the best you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

Motivational Trainer, Speaker and Performance Coach based in the UK.

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