Getting yourself going in tough times

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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We all have bad days, off patches, periods. That’s natural.

BUT what do you do during these times?

What do you say to yourself when things go wrong?

“I can’t do this anymore”

“It’s not my lucky day”


“Never mind”

The words you say to yourself are programming your future thoughts, feelings and actions every second and their impact is hugely powerful.

Recognising what you say to yourself during difficult times is vital if you want to succeed.

Difficult times are inevitable. Reacting positively is not.

What did the Greatest (Muhammad Ali) say to himself?

“I am the greatest” of course!

What about Jose Mourinho?

“I am the special one”

Constructing and reinforcing your own motto is absolutely essential to everyday performance and minimising down times.

A simple “come on” works.

“You can do this”

“Let’s go again, come on”

The World will hit you enough times on it’s own, please don’t be your own worst critic.

Encourage yourself!


Inspiring you to be the BEST you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

Motivational Speaker, Performace Psychologist and Coach based in Manchester, UK.

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