Going from good to GREAT

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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I’ve been working with some fantastic coaches and leaders recently in business and sport and I have become aware of something very powerful.

The difference between being good and being GREAT.

What is the difference?

My insight may not be what you expect.

I have discovered that the difference between being good at something and being GREAT at something is quite small. Let me explain.

I am not saying that you only have to do a little bit more work or put in a little bit more effort to become great.

What I am saying is that the difference lies in the smallest of details.

Great athletes, great coaches, great leaders… they all focus on every small detail no matter how small as long as they believe it will help them and their people to improve.

And I believe that the difference lies in those individuals who are willing to pay attention to every small detail and apply what they learn no matter how small it seems.

It is this attention to detail that makes the difference.

It is a mindset ultimately.

A mindset that says you are willing to do whatever it takes to go from being good (like the crowd) to being GREAT like the minority.

The average person would see this approach as obsessive or over the top. I have seen this reaction both in the workplace and at the highest level of sport. It can creep into any team, any workforce, any group of people.

Those who become great ignore the majority. They don’t see being obsessed as something negative. They see it as part of the process and they love it. Being obsessed is just another way of saying you are passionate about something and we certainly need more people like that in the World.

Think about how this applies to you and your life right now.

Are you simply good at what you do or are you taking note of every single detail you can to become GREAT?

I know which one I have chose and I know which one is more satisfying.

Inspiring you to be the best you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Performance Psychologist based in the UK

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