Why you MUST honour your word

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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What does that mean then?

Honouring your word is something that is taken far too lightly in my opinion. Too many people make empty promises without realising the damage of them.

And I am not just talking about making promises to other people either. I am talking about honouring the things you promise yourself.

Nothing is more powerful in building your own self esteem than honouring your promises to yourself.

I put that in bold because I want you to read it and really understand what it means. Read it 5 times if you need to. I cannot stress the importance of that statement enough.

And why is your self esteem important in being the best you can be? Why is it important in being successful? How will it help you reach your goals faster?

Because self esteem is how you feel about yourself. It builds your self image. Your self image is how you see yourself. Your identity. And the most important element of goal achievement is your identity.

Let me give you a common example.

If say you are a smoker and you want to quit then the most important step you must take first is to see yourself as a non smoker. If you do not do this first, then the rest of the process will be a battle that is life consuming. You will be battling against who you believe you are.

And who you believe you are - is who you demonstrate to the world.

So, what has this to do with honouring your word?

Every time you fail to honour your word, you damage your self esteem and ultimately the self image you hold of yourself. Your confidence takes a hit.

BUT every time you DO honour your word, you build your self esteem and your confidence goes up a notch. And when your confidence goes up a notch, you perform better, you have more belief and you achieve BETTER results.

And RESULTS is what you want isn't it?

I hope it is. Otherwise you may as well not be reading this.

So, make sure you take your own word very seriously. Only make commitments and decisions that you fully intend on following through on.

Do not become the "YES" person who just says yes to everyone to please them in the moment only to go and let them down in the future.

Most importantly, do NOT do this with yourself. Do not make a decision in the present without the intention of following through in the future.

To help you succeed with this, make sure you have strong support around you to help keep you on track with your commitments.

ALSO make sure that you only make decisions to yourself that you 100% believe you are going to honour. Start as small as you need to and build it up just like you would a muscle, making it stronger every day.

I did this when I first started training in the gym. I would say "today I will make sure I complete 10 reps at this weight even if it is all that I do" and slowly but surely I got stronger and more confident in what I could do BUT most importantly what I would do. After a short while I would walk into the gym knowing that when I left I would have enjoyed a great workout. This empowered me massively. Not the fact that I could lift more weight but the fact that I knew I would DO WHAT I SAID before I even got there. This gave me belief.

I took this belief into everything I did. I honestly believe that this belief transferred into my relationships with people, into my work, into every area of my life and it provided the building blocks to leave a cushy job years later and start my own business with no prior experience or clients. But I had the confidence and it came from honouring my own word.

Start today.

Do what you say you will. Start small. Build it up each day and watch your confidence soar.

Inspiring you to be the best you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

To learn a whole load more great strategies for success, check out my book here. It could change your life and it will if you apply what's inside (I do not say that lightly).

Thanks for reading.


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22nd Mar 2017 06:32

Mr. Hall, this was a great article, I enjoyed reading it. You have nailed the essence of honoring one's word. I have experienced millennials unapologetically dishonoring their word number of times. I see that this an old article, but still a good value add.

- Sneha

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