Why you should never NEVER give up

Martin Robert Hall
Personal Performance Specialist
Martin Robert Hall Ltd
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Think about this – if you simply refuse to give up, then how can you fail?

True failure to me is when you give up. If you simply refuse to give up on something, yes it may not always work out as you hoped but you certainly will not fail.

You can only fail when you stop trying.

True champions just refuse to give up. They see obstacles, disappointments and setbacks as part of the journey. A test from the universe to see how committed they are.

And something amazing happens when you simply refuse to give up. Things just seem to come easier. Life hands you better opportunities, better ways of doing things, better ideas. But you only become aware of these things when you refuse to give up.

When you set yourself a goal that you haven’t achieved before, how do you know what will happen along the way?

You don’t.

You may have done your research. You may have studied every other successful person. You may think you have all the answers. But believe me you don’t.

When I first started my business I had studied what everyone else was doing, how I needed to do it, what worked, what didn’t.

But I realised it wasn’t as simple as that. I had to go out and do it for myself. Learn my own lessons. Forge my own path.

The key is to NEVER give up on your goal but always be willing to change the route to that goal. Be flexible. If one way doesn’t work out, try another.

I’ve tried many many different things in my life so far. Some have worked out brilliantly, some have crashed and burned. But as long as I never give up on the end vision that I am working towards, I will get there and YOU will too.

Champions never give up on their dreams. They always try another approach.

It is this attitude that eventually leads them to amazing results.

When the greatest basketballer of all time was rejected from his high school team, he could have gave up. Many others would. But he didn’t. And look what Michael Jordan has done for the sport of basketball since?

You could say the same about Sir Richard Branson when his first business ventures didn’t take off or Sir Alex Ferguson when his initial period at Manchester United didn’t start as he would have liked.

Did they give up? Or did they find another way?

Look at where they are now.

Imagine your life, imagine never giving up on the vision you want to create, imagine where you will be in 5 years time if you simply refuse to give up?

I for one would love to find out so go and make it happen.

Inspiring you to be the best you can be,

Martin Robert Hall

Motivational Speaker, Author and Peak Performance Coach

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