How the Queen and Seb Coe could be part of your sales team this summer

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If you accept that grabbing opportunities when they present themselves is one of the most crucial elements of an effective selling strategy, you’ll be pretty excited about the months ahead.

With the Queen’s Jubilee on the horizon and the small matter of London 2012, opportunity has never been knocking on the door so loudly.

Yet it’s strange that everyone doesn’t see it. Just this week I heard a director of a London-based business moaning about the Olympics because of the impact it will have on the travel system! With that attitude what are his chances of unearthing the rich opportunities events like the Olympics present? Yep, zero.

To businesses and sales teams with a more positive outlook, how will you maximise the opportunity this summer?

Here’s a breakdown of how the top performing sales people will be eyeing up the two huge events that are around the corner…

Queen’s Jubilee

Extra bank holiday to celebrate
Increased traffic into London
A spotlight on the Royal Family

London 2012

Visitors from across the globe to Britain
Various events and festivals across London and UK
Corporate sponsorship events

And here’s how you convert these events into opportunities and weave them into your SELLING STRATEGY:

Network, network, and then network some more 

With so many corporate sponsors involved in the London Olympics this summer there will be no shortage of company-organised events to attend. Anyone working in sales will know that networking is an incredibly powerful way to make great contacts and build your sales pipeline. 
Here are a few pointers to help you maximise the opportunity this summer:

Research and find out which companies are holding events and whenSome of your existing customers may be holding parties for their customers and suppliers. Also, think about the industry you target. Are there any bodies or organisations planning to hold events for the Olympics? If so, get along – you could find yourself in a room full of new prospects!  

Preparation is key so make sure you know who you’ll be mingling with and what sort of products or services could help meet the specific challenges they face.

Be natural and don’t sell immediately. These are great opportunities to build key contacts in the industry you want to sell into. Remember, this is a relaxed environment so pick up business cards and make friends, but leave the hard sell for now.

Re-package your products and jump on trending themes 

When Olympic and Jubilee fever hit town how relevant will your products and services be? The great sales strategies take into account the external environment as well as the market they sell into. Could you create a Jubilee product or Olympic special?

Great examples of this are being seen up and down the country. Books have been published just in time on the Queen’s 60-year reign and flags are already hanging up outside pubs and restaurants where owners are looking to cash in on patriotic customers.

Whatever it is you are selling, how can it link up to the events that everyone’s talking about? <

The electronic retailer Currys is offering customers who buy a new TV or laptop before the European Championships this summer £10 cash back for every goal England scores. What a great selling strategy!

The excitement for the tournament is increasing by the day and this approach allows the retailer to build this enthusiasm into their selling strategy by constantly associating the product with the tournament. 

How can you build excitement by creating a buzz with your products and services?

Develop customer relations with once in a lifetime opportunities 

Why not organise a client and potential client event for London 2012. In an ideal world you’d have the budget to buy a corporate hospitality package and take a select number of prospects along. In reality, most events have sold out and the ones left are hugely expensive.

Pick a great venue to watch sport (perhaps a pub or restaurant that has created an outdoor area for visitors to watch the Games), and hire an area for the afternoon. Order in the Pimms and invite your prospects along for an alternative Olympic event.

It may not be the real thing, but it provides the same informal and friendly environment for you to build relations and edge closer to that all-important sale.

However you decide to maximise the opportunities that lie ahead it makes sense to have a strategy in place. Ask yourself who you want to target and how events like London 2012 and the Queen’s Jubilee can help to get you closer. 

What is certain is that to ignore these huge occasions will be an opportunity missed.

Matt Drought
Sales Training with Natural Training 


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