Instagram sale: could creativity be the $1bn ticket?

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In case you haven’t heard, Facebook bought the photo sharing site Instagram for $1bn last week. 

For a two-year old, 13-staff business that’s one enormous deal. Co-founder Kevin Systrom trousers $400m of it. Sigh.

Online media and sharing is expanding at such a fast rate that innovative ideas like Instagram are worth more after two years than some companies are worth after 100years of trading. It just shows you the value of creative thinking.

So this got me thinking about sales – it’s pretty much all I think about. We always advocate a natural approach when talking to customers and prospects. But, how many sales men and women dig deep for creativity and fresh ideas each time they are faced with a potential buyer?

The answer is probably not all that many.

If Instagram and other sale success stories have taught us anything, it’s that creativity sells. With that in mind, here are some great ways you can inject the powerful ingredient of creativity into your selling strategy:

1. Avoid processes

There might be processes and protocol that the sales team has to stick to, but always be on the lookout to break free. Bring creativity to the sale by showing signs of being a maverick instead of someone simply going through the motions.

Think about the estate agent who has to gather vital pieces of information from prospects each time they are shown a property. It might be name, age, budget and moving date. The customer will respond far more positively to the agent who sneaks in a question or two while walking around their dream property compared to the agent tapping his clipboard as soon as they arrive.

2. Creative communication

In competitive markets creative thinking will stand you out from the crowd. So it’s important to always look for opportunities to be different in your sales approach.

Until fairly recently communication was limited to letter, fax and email – today this isn’t the case.

If your prospects expect you to email them, why not try something different? Ask to follow them on Twitter or link up on Linkedin. Imagine if none of your competitors communicate with your prospects on these platforms – you could get the opportunity to have one-on-one conversations away from the circling vultures!

In next week’s PART 2 I’ll give you access to TWO MORE ways to get creative in the sale – don’t miss it.

Matt Drought

Director at Sales Training specialists, Natural Training


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