Instagram success: Could creative thinking be the $1bn sales ticket? – PART 2

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In Part 1 we took a look at Facebook’s $1bn purchase of Instagram and asked what role creative thinking plays in your selling strategy.

We have already covered ‘avoid processes’ and ‘creative communication’ so in Part 2 of this article I want to look at two more ways you can get creative with your selling strategy:

3. Personalise
Have you been to Starbucks recently? If you have you’ll probably have been asked your name when you ordered your drink. Some people find it annoying, others like the personal touch – either way it’s different and shows an effort to break from the norm.


In another setting this could mean adapting a product or package to suit your customer. Consider what it is they need and whether the products you offer encompass those needs – that could mean being flexible with the contents of the end product or service. Someone is far more likely to remember a personal approach than a bog standard sales conversation. Ask the right questions and build a solution that’s right for each customer, not every customer.

4. Catch people off-guard
Do you answer the phone in exactly the same way each time it rings? Do you use the same introduction when you meet a potential customer for the first time? The fact is, if you feel bored you’ll sound bored – no-one wants to buy from someone who’s bored. Use your imagination to break the monotony and mix it up.

People expect to hear a certain voice when they call into your place of work. Think smart, catch them off guard and stand out from the sales crowd by trying to be different and refreshing.

I saw a great example of this when at a marketing agency I worked with. They would call up potential customers with the aim of selling but would simply ask their opinion on something topical. What a different way to grab attention! They would say: “We’ve written this new report on email marketing, and now we want to get some expert feedback on it – could I send it across?

The point is, anyone can stick to the rules and sell in the traditional way that generates average results. The sales people who step out of the norm and look to be creative and different with their approach are the ones who will grab attention and get close to the big deals.

Instagram’s rapid success can be largely attributed to creative genius and no doubt this same level of creativity was taken to the negotiating table. So, what are you doing to be creative and different with your customers today?

Matt Drought
Natural Training

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