Listening - a key component to social media success

Carvill Creative
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Many of us will recall the smart snippet from the strict school teacher or austere Aunt; 'Two ears, two eyes and one mouth - so use them accordingly!'. And I have to say, in the world of social media, this couldn't be more applicable.

Just last week I met with a business who were very pround of the fact that they had acquired over 2000 followers on Twitter. When I enquired a little further into their social media activity, I was surprised to learn that not only were they not tracking their own brands and company name, but they weren't actually doing any 'active' listening at all. 

Apart from @mentions (where someone mentions your Twitter name directly and you are then alerted to this) - they were not 'listening' in. Therefore, the majority of their Twitter activity wasn't actually 'conversation' but rather just pushing out links.  

With conversational marketing, it's far better to respond than merely to be pushing out potentially irrelevant messaging. So many organisations push traditional promotional messages down these highly conversational social platforms. It can get to look a bit spammy - so heed the advice in this short video blog.


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