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What an amazing week so far it has been for Team GB in the Olympics.  I had never realised I would get so enthralled by it all that I would find it hard to pull away from watching.  I have shouted loudly at the TV, cheered and cried like a proud parent!

This is possibly going to be Team GB's best Olympics - but why?  Is it down to being on home ground?  Is it the roar of the crowd?  Or is it down to proper planning and goal setting?
It is possibly a combination of all 3 but the first 2 have no impact  if you do not set goals and strive to achieve them.
Goals should be set to:-
  • Give a clear sense of direction - know what you are aiming for
  • Help you focus your energy & enthusiasm on the right things
  • Keep you motivated by celebrating  milestones along the way
Effective Goal Setting:-
  • Should be written down rather than in your head - putting pen to paper helps visualise clearly & is like having a map to get you to your destination rather than just driving blind!
  • Should be reviewed regularly to check your progress & change tactics if necessary
  • Should be written in the present to visualise achieving it - eg It is (date) and I have just (achievement of goal) and I feel (what can you see, hear, feel now you have achieved your goal)
  • Should only contain positive words -  what you want rather than what you don't want
  • Ensure it it is really what you want - not what 'sounds good' or is what others want
  • Write your goal in detail - for instance if you were an Olympian you would decide the time, your position, who you would beat etc
  • Aim high - make it achievable but don't remove the challenge or you won't be motivated
  • Use SMART principles - SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealistic & Timely
  • Once you've written your ultimate goal, create your plan on how to get there - and focus on the steps you need to take - eg. an Athlete sets their goal and then works out how much training they need ( separated into strength, cardio etc)  and then works hard to achieve each of those steps
Being clear about the steps you need to achieve your goals will certainly enable you to achieve them, however, bear in mind that, if you are a Manager and rely on others to help you in achieving your goals, then you will need to be able to inspire and motivate them and help them to set goals of their own!!!
So who, among you, is good at setting clear goals and following action steps to achieve it?


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