Lessons from Mince Pies

Power Hour
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 I don't like mince pies. I never have...at least not for as long as I can remember, which is quite a while. I know that millions of people do, AND that they are an essential part of Christmas, but I just don't like them. Not Marks and Spencer's 'fit for royalty' range or Great Aunt Maud's award winning home made ones. Every year I'm offered, and every year I politely decline.

This year however, my daughter made a batch. I explained that I really didn't like them and she quoted my own words to me, spoken many times to her about sprouts, peppers and cheese "You have to keep trying them. One day you might like them". Now, I can't expect a small child to keep trying new food if I don't, so I did.

To my utter and total amazement, I quite enjoyed it. OK, so I would still rather have a slice of chocolate log, but it was quite nice. For the last 30-odd years I've believed that I didn't like them (clearly at some point, this was true), but when did it change? What has changed? Is it my own taste? is it the recipe of mincemeat? or maybe my memories got exaggerated along the way? I don't know, and I'm still in mild shock!

From this minor (but very major) incident, two things have been brought home to me:

When you lead by example, you may get more benefits than you expect.

Just because something wasn't good for you in the past doesn't mean to say it won't be good for you now.

So in 2011, keep an open mind. Revisit some strategies that didn't work so well in the past (but you know that they should have), and stick your neck out and try something new.

Wishing you a happy new year from Power Hour - Providing short, sharp training for businesses who don't have time to spare!


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