How to Save on Costs With Hosted Business Email

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Hosted business email is about more than just employees having access to work email wherever they are. Hosting business email in the cloud offers significant cost reductions and workflow improvements (with their own cost benefits) over running an on-site server.

Initial costs

The cost benefits of hosted business email are apparent right from the start. Rather than having to make a capital outlay for a physical server, and the office space to store it, as well as hiring a third party to install the server (or take time out of in-house IT staff to do so), hosted business email outsources installation costs to the hosting company.

Another immediate advantage of hosted business email is that you only take up the amount of space on the server that you need, with extra space available if required – instead of having to second guess how much storage space you will need on your own server.


Beyond the initial set up costs, on-site servers need constant maintenance from an IT professional. This either means hiring dedicated IT support staff or taking time out from your existing IT staff.

You also lose out if anything goes wrong. Should the server fail for any reason, staff time will be lost in getting it back up and running again. For ultimate security you really want to be running a secondary, back-up server off-site which will come at an additional cost.

With hosted business email, all of this is taken care of by the hosting company with the cost spread out amongst all the clients sharing the server. And as up-time is of primary importance to the hosting company, they will go to every effort to make sure it is up all the time: including auxiliary servers.


Giving employees access to their emails at all times is now commonplace, but hosting business email in the cloud goes one step further.

Using standard POP3 or IMAP, users often delete old emails from their mobile devices, and messages get deleted automatically from the server.

With messages hosted in the cloud, users can access all of their email, all of the time, wherever they are. That means an end to the cost to the business of employees being out of the office and unable to access crucial messages.

When combined with other cloud based apps, users can have the same access to the same data wherever they are.

Now may be the right time to look into hosted business email for your organisation. 


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By larry
23rd Jan 2016 12:00

Well, it is certainly hard to manage Hosted Business Email, specially, when we have limited budget in our hand to manage, but still it can be done by following some of these steps.

BTW, Good Suggestions.

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