The 7 Most Common E-Commerce Mistakes

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1. Poor search/filtering

Making it easy to find products is probably the most important thing for making your e-commerce site work. If you don't get this right, nothing else matters.

Ensuring your search engine returns relevant results, which ideally can then be filtered, is essential for e-commerce success.

2. Mandatory registration

You might see customer accounts as the path to customer loyalty, but to some people, another username and password is too high a price for what they want.

3. Asking for too much information

 In t In the same way, you may be keen to collect as much data as you can for marketing, but asking too many questions is a fool-proof way to turn customers off.

Try to collect information a bit at a time rather than in one big lump.

 4. Out of stock orders

Displaying out of stock items is fine, as long as you make it clear up front that if a customer orders they will have to wait - before they get to the checkout.

The worst possible thing to do is let them make an order, only to get an email a few minutes later informing them that the item is out of stock.

 5. Lack of SEO

For an e-commerce site, search engine visibility is the foundation for success. Without proper investment in SEO, your site will remain largely unseen, and your products unsold.

 6. Not enough product detail

In bricks-and-mortar shops customers can pick up, and even try out, products. The same can't be said for e-commerce websites. It's important to include as much detail as you can, with more than one photo if the appearance matters.

 7. Hidden shipping rates and store policies

Making sure your shipping rates and T&Cs are clearly and easily accessible is essential to establishing customer trust, and for not turning off those concerned about returns policies and the like.

Don't leave your e-commerce site to chance, contact a professional development company for the best results. 


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