Create New Amazon Listings Automatically With Amazon Jumpstart

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Amazon’s third party marketplace represents a huge opportunity for retailers to sell their products alongside Amazon’s own offerings. Now you can get your entire inventory listed even quicker with Amazon Jumpstart, a service where Amazon creates your listings for you. 

Amazon Listing Creation Service
You can share basic information about your products with Amazon and they will upload the products to your Seller Account for you. You can provide an Excel sheet, an XML file, a text file or even send them a link to your web store and Amazon will create a flat file of your entire inventory. They will associate your inventory with listings already available on allowing you to list all your items quickly and easily.

Create New Listings on Amazon in Bulk
Amazon Jumpstart includes the option to have new ASIN listings created for you. If you sell custom items, one of a kind products or any inventory not currently available on Amazon, you can let Amazon Jumpstart create the new listings for you. The created listings will be added to your account for validation and approval by you.

Sell On European Amazon Marketplaces
If you choose to sell on Amazon Germany and France, Jumpstart will associate your inventory with existing catalogue listings on those marketplaces.

Whether you are newly registered or you’re an experienced seller, you can take advantage of Amazon Jumpstart and have new listings created for you by Amazon’s team of listings specialists.

There is a minimum requirement of 100 items with a one off fee for creating the listings. You can choose how many marketplaces you want the listings to be created in, with the cost per listings being reduced as you add more products or marketplaces. Full details of the fees are below.

Number SKUs 1 marketplace 2 marketplaces 3 marketplaces

Min      Max                            

100      500      £0.50 /SKU     £0.45/SKU      £0.40/SKU

501      1000    £0.40/SKU      £0.35/SKU      £0.30/SKU

1001    5000    £0.30/SKU      £0.25/SKU      £0.20/SKU

5001                £0.20/SKU      £0.15/SKU      £0.10/SKU

For an extra one off fee of £50 you can also let Amazon Jumpstart create a basic webstore using an existing Amazon template, this will be populated with your newly created listings.

Once Amazon have created your listings SellerExpress can manage them across Amazon, eBay, PlayTrade and your Magento web store. Automatically import your new Amazon listings to SellerExpress and synchronise stock across your online marketplaces and your Magento webstore automatically to reduce overselling and improve your selling performance. You can process orders from all your online marketplaces as well as manage customer emails, sales reporting, currency conversion and more with one SellerExpress account. For more information please visit

Click here for more information on Amazon Jumpstart.


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