Last week it was the rain; will it be the Sunshine ruining our Economy now? (dont mention the word Recession)

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Last week I wrote the blog post ‘There is no recession, UK economy poor because of rain?’ in response to a laughable suggestion by Rightmove that their company results were poor and the UK housing market and UK economy were effected by the poor weather.

Rather than use the word ‘recession’ to explain why people are not in the housing market Rightmove said people were not making appointments to view houses that are up for sale because of the “poor weather and the distraction of the Olympics”? The Olympics which (as of today) still hasn’t started and which certainly hadn’t started last week either I might add. Are we to believe that people didn’t go to view houses because they wanted to stay home and read the news about G4S?

Using the weather in that context for an excuse is downright laughable. So then, might we now expect a reversal of the statement from Rightmove in response to the improved weather? Did the warm weather on Friday see a flurry of house viewings? Or perhaps will we now have a further [excuse / statement] that it is now the warm weather which is now to blame for the poor economy and the lull in the housing market?

Sadly I think that ‘weather’ is the new word for ‘recession’ and I predict with more accuracy than the Met Office, that we will see much more of this practice of pretending everything is otherwise fine apart from the rain / sun / snow / wind (delete as appropriate), but does it fool anyone?

Granted, the sales of ice-cream from outdoor vendors and bikini’s are affected by poor weather just as the sales of wellies or de-icer for the car are with warm weather. These are indeed seasonal products. But does anyone seriously think that the housing market and wider UK economy is really influenced more by the weather than the underlying economic conditions of a confirmed and sustained recession?

As the Euro hits more lows this morning and the stock markets take a battering amid Spain sailing perilously closer to insolvency I can’t help but feel that we just need to relax and listen to Rightmove. Spain’s economic problems are surely being exaggerated as they have great weather, always have. So consumer confidence must surely be high in Spain and this is all just a big fuss about nothing? High street spending in Spain and the Spanish housing market must also be at record highs given the continued warm Spanish weather so why all the worry?

I can just see Angela Merkel calling up Mariano Rajoy telling him he doesn’t need bailout funds as the continued good weather in Spain is all their economy needs!

Rant over, and like most of you reading this, I am about to finish my lunch and continue with my working day in a business that focuses more on getting the right quality products to the right customers at the right price, and will not be basing my business practices on what the Met Office is telling me.


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