There is no recession, UK economy poor because of rain?

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Whilst I can see sales of bikinis, UK camping holidays, hosepipes and ice-creams being affected by the weather, the rain is fast becoming the excuse for the whole UK economy, and it’s starting to become a pathetic joke.

The use of weather as an excuse is now not just being touted from the Government, its being used from companies such as Marks and Spencer’s and Tesco to explain their otherwise underperforming companies and today, it is also the reason why nobody is moving home, according to Rightmove?

Rightmove came out and blamed the wet weather and the "distraction" of the Olympics for putting off potential buyers from viewing homes that are up for sale?

Are we seriously meant to believe that instead of there not being any buyers in the market because of a recession, job insecurity, wage freezes amid cost of living increases, and the fact that about one million homeowners are in negative equity and the other little fact that the availability of credit is now only available to the minority that it’s the rain and the Olympics putting people off moving home? Seriously?

Surely if people had the means to move house, and the necessity, (e.g. re-locating for a job or increased family) the rain and the Olympics are of little to no importance.

Most people probably aren’t going to be taking any days off from work to watch the Olympics, never mind put off re-locating and furthermore, how can the Olympics be blamed as a "distraction" putting off potential buyers from viewing homes when the Games haven’t even started yet? The only distraction is being done by pretending that the underlying recession isn’t the primary reason for inactivity in the housing market.

And as for the rain, I can just see conversations across the land of, “Sorry love, I know we need to move home for the baby that’s due in a few months, but it’s raining, let’s put it off eh?”

Let’s all be honest here and replace the word “rain” with “recession” and stop kidding ourselves, because whilst we can understand the ice-cream service industry and UK campsites and UK holiday and tourism taking an economic battering from the rain, it just doesn’t cut it as to why we are not moving home.

When the rain stops, or if it stops looking at the weeks weather report the economy isn’t going to magically revive itself and until the global stock markets have a rain-meter in their metrics or my wife accepts the rain as an excuse for me not to buy her a birthday present, then I think we need to focus more on economic indicators and less on meteorological ones.


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