10 Steps to making a successful bid

Temco Andrew
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If you follow these 10 steps, your chances of writing a successful funding bid will increase.


Read the Invitation to Tender instructions through twice and then get somebody else to read them.  Then compare notes to check you have a common understanding of what is required.  If there are any discrepancies check them out.

Step 2

Give thought to both the procurement process terms and conditions of the contract and think about whether you would be able to meet the requirements. If not then it is best to acknowledge it now to avoid wasting time and effort. If you are going to submit a tender make sure you are clear about the different stages of the process and the deadlines. It is very easy to miss a deadline.

Step 3

Identify any additional information you need to be able to develop the bid e.g. what are the disqualifying criteria, weightings or order of priority, what is the budget, what would be an acceptable variations.   If you are invited to attend a briefing meeting my advice would be to attend, in fact ideally you should send two people along.

Step 4

Collate all the background information and then use this information to inform whether it would be worth you progressing with the bid e.g. you made decide at this stage that in the light of new information you would not be able to meet the requirements.

Step 5

Once you have decided to submit a bid your next step is to identify and discuss any problems you might encounter in delivering the contract and how you would manage them.  You can use this information in the bid to demonstrate you have identified and met risk head on.

Step 6

Identify any added value that your organisation could bring to the contract.

Step 7

Draft the bid making sure that you provide all the information requested.  I would advise reading  through the instructions again to make sure you have complied with them

Step 8

Circulate the draft bid to get feedback, including proof reading, and then make the necessary revisions. Make sure that you clearly identify which version of the bid you are working on, it is very easy to get confused.

Step 8

Submit the bid as required i.e. printing the required number of copies, posting or emailing to arrive before the cut off time and date.

Step 9

When you find out if you hve been successful or not ask for a debrief, including the range of prices and scores.  You might also find out who secured the contract as there may be sub-contracting opportunities.  Finally ask if the contract will be renewed and when.

Step 10

Organise an internal debriefing meeting to identify what worked well and where improvements could be made.

It sounds obvious but I still train people in writing a bid or applying for funding because people don't follow simple processes or instructions. For more information on writing a bid/ funding application or the mentoring services Temco can provide Call 07926 660606 or e-mail [email protected]

Andrew Moore


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