One-third of employees say leaders are ineffective

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Do you think you could be a more effective leader than your boss? You’re not alone. According to research from DDI UK, almost half of us feel this way and one-third of employees say that their leaders are ineffective.*

The report, which compiles responses from employees in non-management roles across ten countries, also asserts that 60% of employees feel that their boss damages their personal self-esteem. Additionally, over a third of those surveyed are only sometimes or never motivated to perform to their best abilities by their leader.
Co-author of the report, Simon Mitchell, commented that many managers “are poor at work related conversations and do not provide sufficient feedback on their performance, so it's no wonder employee engagement levels are low.”.
No organisation can flourish without effective leadership that makes employees feel valued. There’s a reason why ‘lead by example’ is such a cliché: effective leaders should be role models for employees to aspire to. Moreover, effective leaders unite employees with a common vision and align workloads with organisational objectives to empower employees. The best workers are those who feel valued and understand that their efforts are important contributions to meeting the organisation’s objectives. It is the leader’s role to get the best out of his or her employees.
Mitchell does offer some positive news as well: “The good news for businesses and employees alike is that many of these leadership skills can be learnt.” 
Training consultants, Thales Training & Consultancy, provide a range of leadership training courses designed to improve leadership influence, assertiveness, problem management and delegation and motivation. We also provide professional qualifications, such as the CMI Level 5 Award Leadership Skills course which is particularly suitable for those leading teams through times of change or who wish to contribute to their businesses in a more strategic way.
Furthermore, you can "teach old dogs new tricks". Our range of senior leadership training courses are designed for those with experience in senior roles such as managers, senior executives and directors.
*source: To read the full report from DDI UK, please click here:


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