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Monday is looming and for those of us fortunate (and brave) enough to run our own businesses we should be looking forward to the week ahead. However, if you are dreading the mountain of paperwork that awaits you or not sure what you should be doing first then you probably need to take action. There could be any number of reasons for feeling overwhelmed or out of control but generally it stems from a perception that you either lack the time or resources (or both) to keep on top of things, something that has been exacerbated in these cost cutting recessionary times. This is not necessarily the case though and by stopping for a few moments and taking stock you can quickly make a start on getting back in control. So before launching straight back into the working week and burying yourself under that pile of papers, why not consider ask yourself a few questions:

a). What is the number one problem with your present organisation which is causing you stress? This may be project specific, staff related or something as general as 'I don't know where to start with all the work I have to do' but try to clear your mind and pick the biggest single issue that leaps forwards.

b). What single action could you take to start sorting that out? Don't try to find the complete solution to everything- this is what gives the feelings of being lost. Just focus on the main problem and the first step you can take to dealing with that.

c). What is stopping you from taking that action immediately? There could be any number of reasons or excuses that you can give yourself for not dealing with something straight away so ask yourself this question and you'll almost certainly find there is no good reason why you can't take that first step immediately. If there is something thats legitamately stopping you then deal with that first and then movre on.

d). Who is best placed within your business to undertake this task? You're probably too busy to take action yourself so you need to consider who is the best person to delegate this work to. If there is no-one with the time or skill within your business then seek external help.

e). What time-scale can you set for them to deal with this? Giving a deadline is helpful to avoid slippage and to ensure matters get dealt with expediently. After all if you are trying to get to grips with something you've put off for ages, its no good if the person you've delegated to does the same.

Having gone through this with the most pressing issue, you can repeat again for the second, third, fourth and so-on until you have complete control of your business. Hopefully by breaking the process down into these simple small steps you have seen how easy it is to get on top of things. You could consider making it a regular Monday morning work-out to gain and maintain complete mastery of your operations and hopefully you'll soon be looking forward to starting the week again.


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