A Thought for Monday No.2: Making more time

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The single factor that causes me most stress in my working life is time and the lack of it. Pretty much any problem that arises in business can be dealt with as long as you have the time but therein lies the problem. Time is a finite resource and if you are running a business where your earnings are based on time you need it to be productive and generating income. So here's the question: how do you make your time profitable? 

The answer is simple but worth remembering- stop doing the things that aren't productive or profitable and concentrate on those which are. So to begin this process we advise the following course of action:

a). Write down a list of everything you think you need to do- either personally or as a company

b). Then highlight the 3 most profitable services, activities, projects or products and put these onto a separate priority list.

c). With everything else go through and decide whether you can delegate or outsource each activity (and who to). 

d). If there is anything left that can only really be dealt with by you then it can be added to the bottom of your priority list.

Having done this you can then create a briefing note for all the items that you are going to get done by someone else- either within your company or by an external supplier. Do this first so that you can offload all the unproductive work which is eating up your time but not earning you any money. This process may take the whole of Monday morning but once it's done you are hopefully left with just 3 - 6 of the most profitable activities to concentrate on which means you can really get stuck into these core activities and the lesser items won't be using up valuable time and attention. Once you get into the habit of delegating and outsourcing (Tefloning as we call it in our office) it becomes quite addictive as you try to free up more time to do the things you are really passionate about and that make you the most money. 


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