Will small business owners take advantage of Google+

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Google+ has had an incredible rate of sign ups from people involved in the techno world, people in marketing and people using it socially, but this doesn't appear to be the case yet with small business owners.

When Google opened out Google+ Pages for business use I added a new facility to my online business directory to allow anyone registering a new listing to include a link through to their Google+ Page.

This is something I had been doing for a number of months with Twitter and Facebook and each were having a fair number of small business owners adding their details when signing up.

At the start of 2012 I decided to start monitoring sign ups and set a page up on V1 SEO to record my findings.

We may only be in the 7th week of February and my results are only based on around 450 sign ups per week but at the moment Google+ is still lagging a long way behind Twitter and Facebook.

The results to date are shown on this page - Google+ Stats for Business Usage Comparison which shows approximate rates of sign ups as; Facebook at 27%, Twitter at 24% and Google+ lagging a long way behind at 5%

I will be keeping the stats page updated throughout the year, it would be nice if one of the bigger directories with lots more sign ups also monitored the sign up rates of businesses adding Facebook, Twitter or Google+ links with their listings.


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