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Rachael Simpson, Marketing Support Analyst at Usomo frequently writes blogs for Businesszone. In this article, she lists 7 tips to ensure that not only is your blog post successful, but also that it stands a chance of becoming featured in the blog section, placed on the homepage, or even become one of the headline 5!

1. Think of a Great Title

You could write the most interesting and informative article in the world, but without a great title, who is going to click to read it? Titles should succinctly summarise your content in an interesting and enticing manner.

2. Blog Wisely

Check previous blog posts for an indication of what works and what doesn’t. Helpfully, each blog post on Businesszone has a counter of how many visitors have visited the page. Some articles also show you how many times a page has been tweeted, or posted to Twitter. This information is valuable, allowing you to see exactly what appeals to Businesszone users.

3. Appeal to the Market

Businesszone users are frequently small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and individuals with a more general interest in business. Such users are looking for content which is well-written, and structured in an easily readable format. In most cases, formal language should be used, and articles spell-checked and proof read thoroughly

4. Keep it Relevant

Bearing in mind the market that Businesszone appeals to, articles should be relevant to this. Current affairs, government legislation and initiatives which affect businesses should all be considered. In addition, social network tips, managerial advice and stories about personal experience could also be areas for consideration.

5. Promote, Promote, Promote

Your article has been submitted, but now certainly isn’t the time to sit back and relax. In order to help your article become successful, you can’t just rely on Businesszone to promote it. Take to the social networks; ensure that all of your friends and followers are aware of your new article. Also, if could be worth searching for anyone who is talking about your article in the social media and engaging with them. Replying to comments on your article is also a must.

6. It’s Not All About You

Self-promotion is of course important when blogging, however it shouldn’t be the reason to do so. Writing a Businesszone blog should be primarily to help inform the audience about business-related topics. Adding a helpful background about the writer of the article may also be appropriate to give the article context, and also authenticity if writing about a particular subject area.

7. Stay Positive, or Celebrate Success

So you spent ages writing what you thought was a perfect blog post, and unfortunately it isn’t featured. Chin up. This is a great experience to learn from, and after all, practice makes perfect. If you do happen to write a post which becomes featured, congratulations! Many posts are written on Businesszone, with only a few making it to the homepage.

So, if you haven’t contributed to Businesszone before, what are you waiting for?

Rachael Simpson works for Usomo LTD, a company which offers VoIP solutions for small businessess. For more information about Usomo, please visit


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