Is ANYONE Still Using Fax??

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Is ANYONE Still Using Fax?

There are certain things that the last decade has laid to rest. Anyone remember palm pilots, or mini disks? Technology has transformed the way we live, but there seems to be one old soul that just won’t hang up its toner; the fax machine.

Surely by now, faxes should be as distant in people’s memories as Dial up Internet and the Yellow Pages, but fax just doesn’t seem to be going away. So why do people still use it, when surely email will do?


Firstly, fax is invaluable when a document needs to be hand signed and delivered immediately. Many law offices still use fax machines where email just isn’t appropriate. Other businesses can use fax to receive signed copies of orders, contracts and invoices which would have otherwise needed to be snail mailed. Then there is the time benefit. Now, fax machines aren’t often thought of as time-saving, but if you don’t have a computerised version of what you’d like to send, it can be very frustrating to either have to scan what you’d like to email, or worse still, physically type it up.

Peer Pressure?

Sometimes though, you’re forced to get a fax machine simply because other people are using them. People tend not to respond well to change, and this change is made even harder when you’ve just invested in a costly fax machine. This creates a cycle, with people purchasing a fax machine, even though they think it’s outdated, simply because certain clients or customers will communicate in this way. To many it’s also a kind of status symbol; a business has more kudos if it has a fax number available.

Future of Fax?

So does that mean we should all go out and buy a fax machine? Essentially it depends on what you’re using it for. In most cases, you can embrace technology at least a little, and use ‘Fax to Email.’ This is a service where you can send and receive faxes via an email account. You get a fax number which can communicate with fax machines, meaning a significant reduction in outlay.


Do you still use a fax machine?? Would you miss it? Let us know why! Comment below.

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