Ecommerce Websites – Start Preparing Now for the January Sales

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By now you should be prepared for Christmas. But it's not time to rest on your laurels. Now is the time to prepare for the January sales.


The first thing you need to consider is the timing of your sale. As an ecommerce site, you can start your January sale as early as Christmas day itself, but many start on Boxing Day – one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

This gives you your deadline for having everything in place. When will you flip the switch to shift from Christmas to January sales? Christmas Eve? Christmas day? How long will the sale last?

It's also important to give realistic estimates on when you can start processing orders and shipping goods.


Just as you will have designed a custom Christmas theme, it's important to make it as clear as possible that you're running a January sale.

Declutter your website so that the front page focuses almost exclusively on your sale. As one of the busiest shopping periods of the year you want to take full advantage of people's Christmas money.


It is absolutely essential to get your logistics in order for the whole Christmas/January period. Even seemingly small things could make everything else come undone.

Make sure your discounting system is fully operational so that January discounts can be applied quickly and easily straight after Christmas. Similarly, ensure your stock tracking is 100% accurate.

Talk to your hosting company to make sure you have enough bandwidth to cope with peak traffic levels. Prepare for success. Be clear about who you can contact, and when, over the holiday period just in case anything does go wrong.


You will want all your ecommerce marketing campaigns to be ready at the push of a button come Boxing Day.

Set up new PPC campaigns for your sale, and for products/product lines in the sale. Create custom landing pages if necessary, ready to go live along with the campaign. Put all campaigns on pause for now.

Put together a mailout ready to go out on Christmas Day or Boxing Day morning. Schedule Facebook and Twitter posts across the two days, and be prepared to respond.

Make sure all relevant goals and actions are set up in your analytics. This will be valuable data for the year ahead, and for the January sales next year.


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