Top 10 project management tools

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Project management is a discipline designed to organise and manage resources in order to achieve specific outcomes in organisations. Project managers may have specific project management training needs in order to do the best job possible. There are online tools available that make the process of managing projects easier, most of which include standard project management applications like time tracking, task lists and schedules. The top ten project management tools are outlined below.

1. Feedchamp is a free online tool which in addition to the standard applications, has a discussion area, instant messenger capability and allows you to keep track of projects using RSS feeds. 

2. Upload your Microsoft Project tasks to Multitask. Talk to colleagues remotely by signing in to instant messenger services like Yahoo and generate GANTT charts.

3. GANTTER is similar to Multitask, but has some extra features. You can save projects as PDF's and upload files to google docs. There are a number of different project management templates.

4. Project Insight is good for virtual assistants with less complicated projects to manage.

5. ACE project is for larger businesses with multiple users and projects to manage. Features include a discussion forum and task management features.

6. Basecamp has a simple interface including a file area, milestone area and to do lists.

7. Easy Projects is a paid service with a simple user interface featuring employee time sheets and various permissions which vary depending on your position within the team.

8. Smartsheet is a system based on spreadsheets, so you need to be used to them to use it comfortably.

9. Teamwork, as the name implies is designed for teams and is good for managing milestones and informing team members of the status of projects.

10. Central Desktop is best used for companies with 100 to 1000 people. You can link it to your company intranet for easy collaboration.


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By adrewetx
12th Sep 2011 13:06

 Great list.  I tried a couple and eventually settled on TeamWorkPM.  What I love about it, is that the guys are always making improvements.  Excellent customer support and very reasonable prices.  


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By aceproject
13th Sep 2011 02:58

I'm the CEO of, I just want to say thank you to have listed us in your top 10.

I just wanted to sayt that we use the micro-version technique to improve our product. In the past, we were releasing 1-2 big versions per year, and now we release every 2-3 weeks. As soon as we have something ready, we release it, and our customers really like that. I think it's the new way to do Project Management.

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By Ross Martin
14th Sep 2011 12:21

Sorry to grumble but as the facility exists it is a shame not to link when you can.

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By Yousaf
14th Sep 2011 13:07

 I have now added the links. 

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By Yousaf
14th Sep 2011 13:08

 you are welcome, it is a great tool. 

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By Mia1
18th Sep 2015 12:39

Our company was using basecamp before but recently we switched to proofhub which is much advanced as per features. We are expanding team so we are working for something more and it fills up our need. Worth try!

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