Business Angels

Business Angels

I have recently considered trying to find a business angel but I dont really want one for the funding but rather for contacts and potential leads the experienced Angel might be able to bring.  I know that some angels are just all about the investment whilst others are more keen to take an active role.  What are your views on this?


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By Bheald
28th Apr 2009 09:41

Carolyn - what you're describing sounds more like a non-exec than an angel, if you don't need funding.  There are plenty of people out there who've grown businesses.  If you're really early stage, I'd recommend opting for someone you know and trust, who can open a few early doors.  Ben

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By Dan Martin
28th Apr 2009 10:29

If you need some more tips on how to choose a non-executive director, this article will help.

Dan Martin
Editor, BusinessZone.co.uk

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