Lindsay D
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Looking for quirky PR & marketing ideas...

Looking for quirky PR & marketing ideas...

I'm thinking of launching a regular market event in my local area, as I attend a monthly event with my business in North West London which is immensely successful. I will only have the teensiest of budgets to market the event but know that I will need something spectacular to promote it so that the market traders do well and want to come back (which means lots of customers are required). I'm definitely thinking about the traditional methods such as adverts in local media, posters in shops, leaflets etc, but I'd quite like some kind of wow factor which can't be ignored. I have lots of lovely people offering to help with the work (not finances!) but am interested in inspirational stories from anyone who may have some great suggestions.


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By Matt Henkes
04th Jun 2009 16:49

Hello Lindsay,

Sounds to me like you could do with some good online marketing, using social networking sites and maybe local community websites won't cost anything but a bit of your time. You could start a Facebook group for the event or create a Twitter account to try and get local traders and other people who might benefit excited about the opportunity. Try and generate support for your event and get people engaged and discussing the idea online.

Dan Martin previously published this really useful article on cheap ways to market a business. It'll hopefully give you some ideas.

Keep us updated on how you get on.



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