5 Musts for Facebook Business Newbies

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You’ve been on Facebook for years, you have an opinion about friending your boss or not, and you’ve transitioned from, “How many friends can I get?” to “Who can I axe?” That’s great, but it doesn’t mean you’re ready to tackle a Facebook business page. Using Facebook for your business is an entirely different monster. Consider this your cheat sheet to success.

Some of the Facebook rules go back to the old-school days. It’s time to start collecting as many friends and likes as possible, and keep them. You now have to strike a balance between the right amount of posts and the quality of posts. Check out these starter tips to start building your social media powerhouse.

Who, What, When, Where, and Why

It’s best to post one quality, helpful, informative, or entertaining post per day. This is much easier said than done. Consider your business and the kinds of people who are “liking” your page. For example, if you sell vintage Mustang parts, snippets of Pony news, useful tips on increasing the life of parts, or truly stunning car pictures will all be appreciated. You’re now catering only to your audience.

It’s best to post during mid-morning when people are taking their first unofficial “break” at work. This will get you the most air time possible. If you pride yourself on building personal relationships with your customers, tagging someone in a particular post can be a smart move. However, just make sure you do have a professional relationship with that person and it won’t annoy them.

Fill in the Blank

A business Facebook page requires certain sections to be completed. This includes “about me,” location, and non-controversial options like favorite music and quotes. Make sure that these items actually reflect what your friends and fans are interested in instead of you personally. Avoid hot button topics and items like religion and politics (unless of course, you’re a minister or politician).

It’s also paramount to have plenty of interesting pictures that relate to your business. Well-organized albums that are constantly updated will keep people intrigued. A safe ratio is 80% professional photos and 20% candid (yet still appropriate) snapshots. A tattoo artist should have 80% sketches and shots of completed tattoos along with 20% images of the artist at tattoo conventions, working on customers, and other reasonable pictures.

Don’t Forget the SEO

When building a business Facebook page, search engine optimization (SEO) matters. Think about what words and phrases potential customers will be Googling. If you sell mattresses in New York, incorporating the phrase “New York mattress store” somewhere on your page is critical. Take every opportunity you have to incorporate SEO without it sounding dry.

Make sure to personalize your Facebook URL to include your business name. You can do this in the “account settings” tab. After all, www.facebook.com/retailrodeostore is much more attractive than www.facebook.com/123456. Finally, one last bonus tip: Don’t take on any type of social media business unless you can fully commit to it. A hosted business page is worse than none at all.



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