Four Ways Your Logo Impacts Your Business Growth

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Logos play a very important role in today’s business. They act as an emblem and give an identity to a name. These days it is all about branding. You do not sell products or solutions, you sell brands. And you need to create a brand if you want to be able to make it big.

Your logo is one of the main ‘aspects’ of the branding process. It’s most probably the first thing you’ll think of once you start the designing process. This is mainly because your business logo is going to be everywhere, from your product to your business card to your website. It has to be consistent, related and also cool.

A bad logo can end up ruining your image. If you choose a poor looking logo, your customers may not take you seriously. Worse, they might believe that you offer third grade products. After all, how can a company offer good quality products, if its logo isn’t of high quality? It’s clear that logos have to be paid attention to since they directly impact the success of a business, making sure you hire the best designer for the job will put you at ease later on.

1. Your logo is your identity.

Think of any known brand like Olympics or Nike, the first thing that comes to your mind is usually the rings in case of Olympics and a tick (swoosh) in case of Nike. The right logo helps you build a brand, which gives you a competitive edge.

You need to get your logo at the start of a business instead of waiting to make it big. It may even be wiser to get one in the beginning, since you face less pressure then. Look at Twitter, which got the famous bird for only £10, and the swoosh cost Nike only £30.

Usually, a logo can cost as low as $5 and as high as a million. However, an expensive logo is not always good. The London Olympics logo, for example, cost around £520,000 but met with negative reviews. Nonetheless, it’s an investment that you must make in the beginning itself. The fact that you can change your logo later leaves no reason why you should shy away from getting a logo today.

2. It instils loyalty.

Speak to any entrepreneur and they’ll tell you how important it is to retain customers. After all, it is largely about customer loyalty. A loyal customer does not only give you high returns but offers other benefits too, such as spreading positive word of mouth and bringing in new customers. In addition to this, it is also easier to retain customers than to acquire new ones.

But how does a logo help increase loyalty? It’s simple. It helps your buyers feel a connection. Keep the example of McDonald's in mind, whenever you see a big, yellow M you instantly think of McDonald's and feel certain loyalty towards the brand if you’re a customer. And if you’re with friends, you might just recommend McDonald’s and enjoy a meal. As a result, McDonald’s makes more business.

3. Easier to market.

Word of mouth is the right way to market in today’s digital era. With everyone using the internet, all you have to do is put your favourite brand’s logo as your profile pic or share it on your page or profile to spread the word. In face, 92% consumers prefer recommendations from people they know, and tend to take suggestions online. With a logo, you will send across the message without having to use words since a logo speaks for itself.

4. Increases awareness.

After years of exposure, today’s consumers instantly recognize the Audi’s rings and McDonald’s arches. These trademarks trigger tonnes of emotions bringing back memories, good and bad. Your logo is the easiest way to ignite emotions in your target audience, especially if the logo is able to find a connect.

The fact that logos can be used everywhere from emails to website to print media to blog posts, they can stay at the top of your buyers’ mind at all hours making it easy to recognize your brand. This recognition is important because if you are not on the mind of your customer, they might turn towards a competitor when it’s time to buy what you have to offer.

It’s clear that a logo is of paramount importance for the success of your business. Consider getting one that has an edge to it and see the dynamics change.


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