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Housing price in London have been at the heart of a long-term affordability crisis for quite a number of years now and despite recent claims earlier this year that prices are finally starting to go down, it’s still (and still will be for numerous years to come) a massive struggle for the average buyer and renter to afford housing in the British capital. In fact, some property analysts claim that despite the property market going down, average prices might actually be slightly on the up, a rise fuelled by cheap credits and pent-up demand. On average, a house in London is still worth £580,000, an unrealistic and stiff price to pay for most people when the average income is £40,000.
1.    Naked House for the people
Founded by a group of Londoners, the Naked House not-for-profit project  aims at finding ways around this stiff, un-democratic property market and affordability gap, to provide affordable and better homes for the community. The concept is simple: for 40% less than the average market price, Naked House builds simple, housing stripped down to the bare essentials but still highly functional and desirable. All the basics are there: windows, walls, roofs, doors,sinks and bathrooms etc…, but most of the finishings such as floorings, extra interior walls and flourishes will have to be done by the people themselves or at a later stage. Simon Chouffot, one of the founders of the Naked House project explains: “The idea is to get rid of all the stuff people don’t want in the first place.”
2. Mayor’s approval
The ambitious project was recently backed up by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with a £500,000 grant to help with development costs. Will this cheaper alternative provide a real long-term solution to the housing crisis in the capital? The Naked House project has already its detractors with conservative MPs speaking against the project, warning that Naked Houses are “not fit for growing families”. Still this community-led project will hopefully develop further and create more housing opportunities for all.
3 . Minimal living, huge market potential
This minimal living trend is the main philosophy driving the Naked House project, a trend that was born with Millennials and the recession, inspiring them to declutter their lifestyle and to change the way they buy to get out of a consumerist system that is sucking us dry. Ironically, many entrepreneurs are jumping on the minimalistic living bandwagon, hoping to capitalize on this lifestyle trend which prioritize experience over material goods. Products labelled as ethical and sustainable are favored by this market audience who spends overall $200 billion each year and promises an enormous potential for new business ventures.


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