2017 Salary Report for Big Data and Hadoop Skills

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As enterprises realize the exponential value addition that Big Data and aligned technologies like Hadoop can bring to their everyday work, the demand for skilled talent in both the domains has steeply risen in the past year.

Not only big market players like Amazon, Google Facebook, Microsoft, Flipkart, KPMG, Accenture, IBM, Citibank, etc. are recruiting Big Data talent but also high-end startups like Fractal Analytics, Crayon Data, Sigmoid Analytics, Heckyl, etc. The salaries in both cases are comparable, while the exposure to learning-on-the –go varies with resources in enterprises being supported by well-set processes while resources in startups having more flexibility in terms of designing the applications.

The overall entry-level salaries in Big Data and Hadoop are set to rise by 3.8% in 2017. The actual role-specific salaries depend on the skill set of the resource and the depth of experience in working on core Big Data projects.

Salary reports with hadoop and bigdata

How skill set affects the salary?

The most sought after skills are Hadoop, Spark, Scala, Python, R NoSQL and traditional RDBMS’s with a strong foundation in math and statistics.

On an average, a developer who knows R earns significantly more than the one who knows Python. This is because R is still widely used in the industry. However, since an all-round talent is preferred, developers should focus on learning both the languages, so that they have an edge in the machine learning aspect of Big Data analytics services.

In case of data scientists, those who know Big Data and data science earns 8% more than their regular counterparts. Predictive modeling is the key skill here.

The four most important skills that boost the salary individually by the below cited figures are:

  1. Microsoft SQL Server Database Skills : Add 8% to total salary.
  2. HadoopSkills : Add 7% to total salary.
  3. Oracle Database Skills – Add 6% to total salary.
  4. ETL Skills : Add 6% to total salary.

What are average base salaries for the different roles?

As there is the boom in startups and ecommerce industry alike, there is a huge demand at all levels for Big Data and Hadoop professionals. However, due to the shortage of skilled resources, Gartner predicts that only 1/3 of the hiring demands will be met globally, while 2/3 positions remain unfilled. That makes about 20% of the total jobs in India – which has the second largest demand for such professionals after the US.

Following is an overview of the roles, and the salaries in USD as per the US market:

Note: The format is Role : Salary Range for 2017 (Raise in % from the last year)

  1. EDI Specialist :$77,500 - $118,750 (2%)
  2. Data Analyst/Report Writer: $77,500 - $118,750 (3.8%)
  3. Portal Administrator: $96,000 - $138,750 (2.8%)
  4. Database Administrator: $98,500 - $148,500 (3.6%)
  5. Data Warehouse Analyst: $107,500 - $155,750 (2.4%)
  6. Database Developer: $108,000 - $161,500 (5.1%)
  7. Data Modeler: $111,000 - $161,500 (3.9%)
  8. Data Scientist: $116,000 - $163,500 (6.4%)
  9. Business Intelligence Analyst: $118,000 - $171,750 (4.3%)
  10. Database Manager: $122,250 - $177,000 (3.7%)
  11. Data Warehouse Manager: $129,000 - $179,000 (4.1%)
  12. Data Architect: $131,250 - $184,000 (4.1%)

Article Takeaway

With enterprises having to handle Big Data in the quest of behavioral patterns of customers, advanced risk management, real-time marketing campaigns, etc., the demand for talent in related fields like Big Data analytics and Hadoop is set to rise exponentially. As mentioned above, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of skilled resources that is waiting to be bridged. Companies are willing to shell out exorbitant amounts for the best Big Data experts.

This is the right time to start adding complementary skills like R, Python, NoSQL, etc. that make the developers (you) experts in the Big Data tools and dashboards that form the core of actionable intelligence that will be procured from the incoming Big Data. If you do it right, you can command salaries that get you a whopping 250% raise from your current salary in regular IT!

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About ethanmillar

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