Business Interview - David James from DCA Digital

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I recently spoke to the founder of a digital agency about starting his business and how it's going so far. David James (Linkedin Profile) runs DCA Digital, and he answered the following questions for me today.

What is the name of your business?
DCA Digital

What does your business do?
DCA Digital is a digital agency that helps business improve their SEO rankings

Did you do anything before you started the business?
I previously worked at a music label, and also worked in sales. 

What gave you the idea to start the business?
I wanted to create a business that not only was profitable, but one that was sustainable. The obvious answer was the internet, but then the hard question…how to do it? After a bit of investigation, SEO seemed to check all the boxes. I found it very interesting and challenging. I also loved how it helped other people.

What has been your biggest business challenge?
The biggest challenge has been convincing people and businesses that they need SEO. There are so many businesses that have had bad experiences from scammers, and because there aren’t any regulations, there are thousands of poor practitioners out there. But once I am able to explain things to them, they understand the big picture and get very excited.

Was there anything that was harder or easier than expected?
SEO can be challenging because there is no real guide or handbook. Google doesn’t publish a how-to manual, in fact they are very secretive about criteria that they consider for ranking. There is something good that comes out of that though and it’s community and friendships with other SEOs. People help each other out and share knowledge and tips that work for them.

What are your business' plans for 2017?
To help more business owners expand and grow their businesses.

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