How to Promote Content with Social Media

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Content promotion in socila media
Content marketing is an integral part of a good online business. However, writing good content is nothing without proper content promotion. Often times, promotion of the written content itself is much more difficult than writing. You need to target your audience directly, have people read your content, and ultimately click on your links to purchase the services/products you provide.

Social media plays the most important part when it comes to promoting content, products or services online. Millions of people have accounts on social media portals, so exposing your content there is like presenting it to a huge marketplace. Promote effectively your content by remembering these tips and tricks:

The visual side matters

You cannot upload just a block of text on social media, because people will not read your text. People are attracted by high quality graphics and pictures. Make sure to insert a relevant or suggestive picture with the main headline of your content. The pictures work as an attention grabber, and you will increase your chances for people to actually click on the link and read your content.

Spice up your writing

Writing in a monotonous, descriptive tone will not make you ‘likeable’ or interesting as a writer. You really need to spice up your writing strategy, and start using great metaphors, jokes or even slight irony within your writings. This will actually make people not only read your content, but also share it with others. This is how you will get publicity of your article or blog post for free…

Create intriguing titles

The title or the headline of your post is the key to you success. Don’t write ‘flat’ titles because these will not attract the reader’s attention. Use fantastic, bombastic titles like the ones you can see on the best news portals. Simply check out Yahoo! for example and read a few news there. Pay particular attention to the titles, and you will notice how attractive they sound. Even if you are not interested in the subject discussed in the news piece, you are still attracted to click on the title because it sounds so interesting and intriguing.

Open ended posts

When you post a piece of article on social media, you are basically talking to people. This means you want to find out their opinion. So create your posts with a question at the end of the article. Ask the readers what they think about the subject discussed in the article. Ask them how they would behave in a situation like the one presented in your post. Ask them about their personal experience in regards to the topic you just debated in your post. People will start discussing and placing comments below your content. Ultimately, this is exactly what you want- to make your piece of writing go viral. People read, comment, like and then share your content. This is how content marketing should work through social media.

Learn from the pros

It is time to start researching a few niche leaders online, and start reading their content. In any case first what you should do is making research, as important part of successful activity. See how your competition is doing, and learn from their success. How are they promoting their content material online? Do they use keywords? What is their writing style? Do they interact with readers? How? These are all important tips that will help you create and promote content through social media just like the pros. It takes some time and efforts but it is really worth it.

Get professional help

If you are a beginner in this business, you could get some help through writing companies. There are many reputable service providers out there, and they can create high quality content for you. All you need to do is explain in detail your content requirements, and a highly skilled writer will prepare the post or article for you. Then, you are ready to share it across social media portals. Many starter writers use this strategy to learn how to write highly converting content. Also don't forget to follow popular social media journalists to know what trends right now.

Advertise with snippets

If you want to use social media for promotion, but you wish to drive traffic to your website, this is what you need to do:

  • Write a compelling piece of content and post it on your main website

  • Check into your social media account and post a relevant picture with a snippet and a link to the article

  • Make sure the header is extremely attractive

  • Sit back, relax and wait for a great influx of visitors to your site who are redirected through the social media page

Content promotion is not easy, but not impossible either. You really need to invest a lot of time and effort because competition is really tough. Remember that people will read your content only if it is indeed unique, interesting and it has something valuable to say. People are smart and they can immediately spot if a piece of content is posted just for ‘spamming’ purposes online. They will not click… Use white hat methods of content promotion and you will definitely succeed!


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