Infographic: Skills to put on your resume to stand out

Maria Onzain
Freelance Content Writer, SEO and Content Strategist
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Did you know 67.3% of recruiters in all industries say communication is the most important skill? And that one in three skills listed in a job posting are basic skills like verbal communications or Microsoft Office?

Recruiters and hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes every week, and they don't have much time to examine them. That is why it is essential to write a precise resume that quickly catches your next employer's eye. In order to build a perfect resume, everything needs to be combined correctly: layout, format, visual style and most importantly, the content or skills that describe you as the best candidate.

Highlighting the most demanded skills and presenting them at the top of your resume will definitely help you land your next job. But which skills should you start with and what is the best way to present them on your resume? Employers are looking for candidates with not only the right technical abilities for the job but also with excellent soft skills. These are also known as interpersonal skills and include positive attitude towards work, self-confidence, team playing, communication skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and coping with pressure among many others.

If you want to nail your resume, this infographic about resume skills will help you find out what are the top five desired capabilities in any profession and some surprising stats you didn't know about technical and interpersonal skills.

Once you have worked out what skills you should emphasize on your resume, follow the six steps visualized by UptoWork to make your resume stand out from the competition. Landing your dream job will be easier than you think!

skills to put on your resume



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