5 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Event

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Hosting the perfect corporate function requires planning. There are five essential elements for the success of your event. Leaving out just one of them can ruin everything; make sure that you have your ducks in a row before you send out the final invitations to the guests.

Selecting the Venue

The venue is the most important element of a successful event. Your venue should be as nearby as possible to your corporate headquarters and readily available to your guests. If you are planning for music and live entertainment, make sure that you speak to the management about the details before you book. Some venues have strict policies on noise levels after a certain time. It is not necessary for your event venue to have a catering service but it helps if it does.

The more services that a potential corporate venue can offer you, the better. On the day of the event, the venue's staff will need to be able to serve all of the guests efficiently, so make sure the management expect how many people are attending for the event venue team to be prepared adequately in advance. An example of a great venue for a corporate event is Alexandra Park venue hire, take a look through their site and great an overview of what you should expect from an excellent event venue.

Choosing the Event Theme

The theme of your event should reflect the events nature and guests. If it is a formal affair, then black tie may be necessary, especially for high-level executives. This level of dress code may not be appropriate for an office Christmas party, where smart casual attire will suffice. Corporate events can also be fancy dress affairs or mask cocktail parties. Check online for other good examples of themes that suit the size of your guest list and your venue. Make sure you are clear with any dress code requests on your event invitation to avoid embarrassing your guest when they arrive incorrectly prepared.

Hiring the Entertainment

Live music or DJ? Find a local entertainment agency and view their talent list. String quartets for ballroom events, jazz bands for corporate galas, or just a DJ for a year-end staff party. Speak to your agency and check out their YouTube channel for videos of their talent performing before you make your booking. Working with a talent agent will ensure you band turns up, all the equipment is there and you get the performance you pay for with no hassle.

Choosing the Caterer

The catering is a critical, good food will make your guests remember the event, and help get prospective clients interested in working with your company. Start by working out your budget and taking your head count before getting in touch with the caterer. When selecting the caterer, check out their profiles on social media and look at their Google reviews. This quick vetting procedure will help you assess their level of customer service and see what past clients had to say about their catering. Once you have the right caterer, make sure that you give them the correct head count and then ask them about food options tailored to your event and theme. Try to get a wide variety of foods available and remember to tell the caterer about any special food request your guests may have.

Hiring a Professional

If you want to take the hassle out of the planning process, then hire a professional event planner. A planner will have industry partnerships that can earn you discounts on your costs, offsetting the cost of the planner’s fees. Stay stress-free on the day and hire a professional to take care of everything.

The Final Thought

Planning the perfect corporate event is not as challenging as you think. With a little help, you can ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day. Take the stress out of the situation by following the five tips. Hold the corporate event of a lifetime that gets you recognition and praise for your efforts.

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