7 Surefire Ways to Destroy Your Business

Shaz Memon
Creative Director & Designer
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The Internet is jam packed with advice on how to start, grow, or maintain your business.If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been on the prowl for solid marketing and management advice for some time. Every ‘guru’ has their own style and their own hit list of surefire, success guaranteed ways to end up on a beach sipping Mai Tais. In the end, don’t they seem to run together a bit? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a fresh perspective and a new approach? With that in mind, we decided to tackle this problem from the other side.

Here are 7 surefire ways to destroy your business.

This will give you more time to lay on that beach. Promise. 

1. Don't invest in training of your team

Any business is only as strong as its employees. Therefore, just let them be! After all, every new hire walks in the door already perfectly sculpted into the ultimate tool for your particular, unique business, right? It’s definitely not a tradeoff of strengths and weaknesses, and it definitely never pays to learn where your people have room for improvement. All that thinking about humans enjoying self-improvement, and how helping your employees better themselves can lead to heightened loyalty and productivity? Not what we’re going for.

2. Don't invest in content marketing

Content marketing is a whole discipline of marketing where professionals provide useful content to their audience. It can take the form of blog articles, social media posts, YouTube videos, and more. Over time, it builds up trust and authority. You’ll become known as an expert in your field. People will look to your website for information and advice in their own life, whether or not they’re actually spending money with you.

When people are in the market for something you sell, you’re the obvious go-to. It has major SEO benefits as well, as search engines love an actively updated website. Totally not a surefire way to destroy your business. Don’t do it!

3. Develop an ego because you get business right now

Have you ever heard the story of the Grasshopper and the Ant? One crisp autumn many moons ago, a Grasshopper and an Ant were milling around in the woods. The Ant was dutifully, laboriously bringing scraps of food into his hill. “Why are you doing that, Ant? I see easy pickings all over the place!”, said the Grasshopper. “Things are easy now, but they won’t be come winter!”, replied the Ant. “Pshaw, I’m doing just fine here. Why prepare for the worst when it may never come?”, scoffed the Grasshopper. This story ended really well for the Grasshopper, and we should all take his lead.

4. Don't keep your website current and invest in good quality design

You worked really hard on your website. It’s got some killer frames, and those animated GIFs are a real eye catcher. You spent so long writing that content. Ten years ago. Who cares what a website looks like, anyway? After all, your web design gets you the highest bounce rate in the biz! A high bounce rate means people are coming to your website and then immediately closing the window. Possibly with a laugh.

5. Don't do any online marketing to future proof your business

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you probably have at least a few regular customers. Why would you need more? Once a customer, always a customer! That’s how the saying goes, right? Yes, definitely just let those customers be. Don’t try to do any additional online marketing. No need to spread the word about your products and services that you’ve worked so hard on. Quite enough people already know about them, thank you!

6. Ignore social media completely

Because Facebook is a fad. Yes, 1.59 billion people can be wrong. Instagram and Twitter? 600 million users combined with an exponential growth rate year over year? Definitely just something for the kids.After all, nobody ever looks to their friends for advice on what to buy or where to go. Friends don’t share interests! If all your friends like something, you would never in a million years check it out! Right?

7. Don't stay in touch with clients

Once they’ve paid you, just ignore those clients! There surely is no circumstance in which one of your customers would ever decide to go to one of your competitors. After all, nobody ever changes their mind. And certainly nobody ever tells their friends about a bad experience where a vendor ignored them. So, please enjoy these 7 surefire tips to destroy your business. If you follow these simple steps, then you will no longer have a business. Be careful not to do the exact opposite, or you might end up making some money!


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