9 Techniques for Successful Social Media Strategy

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No matter how original, well-crafted and well researched the content that you are providing is, you still need a well-planned social media strategy to help you to promote it across multiple social media platforms. To aid your business in navigating the complex world of digital marketing, these 9 proven techniques will guide you in creating a successful social media strategy.

  1. Grow Your Audience With Creative Content.

Create content that is original and engaging, and make sure that your content is current, up-to-date and addresses specific needs.

  1. Tailor Your Posts For The Platform You Are Using.

This is because different social media platforms have different protocols. E.g. Facebook users will read the text in detail before clicking on a link whereas twitter, as it has limited characters, is more suited to short, concise and to the point posts, regardless of whether or not there is a follow link.

  1. Consistency.

No, don’t use the same format for every post, but be consistent in the kind of social media interaction you conduct. Put systems in place to ensure that all your post, tweets and updates are relevant, interesting and useful to your audience. Consider building a library of content and using a social media scheduler to achieve this.

  1. Call-to-action.

CTAs are a way for online users and businesses to encourage likes, shares, and engagement from their audiences. Make sure to make the action seem natural (rather that forced), genuine and original; “tag a friend”, “follow us on twitter” and “share this post” are popular CTA’s.

  1. Events.

Social media and online events are a great way for fans and followers to get involved and engaged with you and your business. Host event days where you share fan posts and links allows you to grow your online community, get more fans and gain newsfeed visibility. Famous business event programs by JJ Ramberg aired on msnbc live news channel to create social media event awareness.

Don’t Try Every Platform Available.

If you find you spreading yourself too thin you may not be publishing the best quality posts, which is as good as posting none. These platforms are essentially a way for your customers to communicate with you while you establish your online presence, so identify where you get the best feedback and focus on those platforms.

  1. Effective Imagery.

Many social media users “scan” posts for interesting information before deciding whether the post is worth reading, thus the effectiveness of carefully chosen images that effectively convey your message.

  1. Grow Your Tribe.

Building a social media community will help your followers and partners to connect, stay informed and engaged in a discussion even when you are not taking an active role in discussions. Work at growing meaningful relationships online to help establish your online brand identity.

  1. Genuine Connections.

As mentioned before, your online presence is aimed at the customer so simply having valuable content, fast and useful responses, and a “real” person to monitor and interact through your social media channels will boost your social marketing campaign.


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About stingmad1

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