Ed Relf on MVPs, talking to customers and pivoting

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Ed Relf has scaled Laundrapp to 90 employees and raised over £11m investment in the last three years. Prior to this he had a series of startups - both successful and unsuccessful - including Mindcandy.

In the podcast we talk about:

  • The businesses he started you haven’t heard of
  • Pivoting from a technology based, asset-light business to having a fleet
  • Driving an eight-hour delivery shift once a month
  • Working with MVPs

"When we struck on Laundrapp it was a penny drop moment. This is an industry that’s never been touched by any kind of digital innovation. Every entrepreneur has dozens of idea, I’ve had three or four this morning. It’s not just about the idea it’s about the execution and that’s where people fall over," he says.

About Christopher Goodfellow

Christopher Goodfellow

Journalist and editor with nine years' experience covering small businesses and entrepreneurship (ChrisGoodfellow.net). Follow his personal twitter account @CPGoodfellow and his events business @Box2Media. He has written for a wide range of publications in the UK, Ireland and Canada, including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent and Vice magazine. 


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