Seedrs’ founder shares his thoughts on the future of crowdfunding

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In the latest edition of Start / Scale / Disrupt we’re joined by Jeff Lynn, co-founder and CEO of Seedrs, who helped create the equity crowdfunding market.

The platforms allows everyday investors to take part in fundraising and has grown to become one of the largest investors in seed-stage companies in the UK (it's completed over 500 deals in its first five years).

In today’s chat we talked about:

  • The UK’s role in spreading crowdfunding elsewhere in the world (and international investors ability to fund UK startups)
  • Whether the UK market has reached its peak and the role of crowdfunding in venture-stage investors
  • Diversity in funding; what else can we do to help?
  • Is Seedrs going to IPO?

Talking about the role of crowdfunding in investment, Lynn said: “We are trying to go from a world in which finance was allocated based on clubby, old boy-types of networks. Towards a meritocratic environment, where people are raising money based on the combination of their talent and hustle.

“That leads to massive increases in diversity across class, across gender, across economic status. We see entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life. That’s a very good thing. There’s the social justice element But there’s also a hard-nosed business reason - if we’re just funding businesses that are founded by the proverbial rich kids who have uncles that can write them cheques that’s not going to correspond with great entrepreneurial success. Through history, entrepreneurs have been the been the hungry ones, the ones a little bit on the outside, willing to go above and beyond - I want to be funding them."

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