Start / Scale / Disrupt: How startups scale online advertising

Christopher Goodfellow
Sift Media
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In the latest episode of Start / Scale / Disrupt, we were lucky enough to talk to toucanBox CMO Depesh Mandalia (who's worked with everyone from Lost My Name to Ann Summers, and is a mentor for Seedcamp). He shares his top advice for ecommerce startups that are trying to understand, develop and scale their marketing spend.

We covered:

  • Starting points for finding effective marketing channels and CPA
  • How Lost My Name started scaling spend
  • Key metrics for different types of ecommerce businesses
  • How to survey your customers
  • And more!

"At the very early stages, don’t expect a return on online advertising. Having a £10 Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or a certain target will constrain your testing. Whatever the budget, experiment and be able to take risks. If that brings you zero return, but a tonne of learnings, is that good enough to develop from? Testing will be hampered if you’re expecting £500 to turn into £1,500," said Mandalia.


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