"Corporates are clueless about small businesses": Nokia responds [VIDEO]

Dan Martin
Former editor
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A BusinessZone article claiming that big companies are "clueless about small businesses" has generated more than 20,000 reads and in excess of 30 comments. In the latest exclusive video interview with a big business boss responding to the claim, Adrian Williams, head of business sales at Nokia UK, discusses the way his company approaches the small company sector and how Nokia's recent financial problems have impacted on its relationship with customers.


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By RobertCraven
11th Jul 2012 16:14


Great to see the video repsonse to my original article. Would love to have a chat about this offline. Do contact me on 01225 851044.



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By tonyrobbo
12th Jul 2012 18:21

It's great that Nokia do want to understand what is important to small businesses. Our global Enterprise Rockers movement (http://EnterpriseRockers.co.uk) is keen to work with organisations of all sizes in the private, public and third sector to ensure that they 'get' why #MicroBizMatters and what they need to do to meet our needs.

It makes good sense for suppliers and providers to meet our #MicroBizMatters challenge as they'll then be recognised and referred by micro enterprise owners themselves.

Naturally one of the principles in the #MicroBizMatters challenge is that they pay their micro enterprise suppliers on time (within 30 days). I know this is obvious but the average for large organisations to pay micro businesses currently is 80 days - which kills businesses. 

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By Dan Martin
16th Jul 2012 11:05

Thankyou for the comments. We have asked Nokia to respond.


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By RobertCraven
09th Nov 2012 16:39


I am afraid I am still waiting. Maybe they didn't get your message...




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