Workplace pension auto enrolment explained in under 90 seconds

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Will Wynne
Managing Director
Smart Pension
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The UK government has introduced pension auto enrolment to ensure more employees are covered by workplace pensions.
More than 800,000 small business owners will have to comply with this new legislation in the next 12 months alone (each business owner will receive a letter explaining when they will need to comply).
New to the subject? Check out the explainer video below for a no-nonsense introduction for employers that will tell you everything you need to know. 

If you are going through auto enrolment, workplace pension provider Smart Pension has published a helpful free ebook called Auto Enrolment – The Essential Guide for Small and Medium Businesses. Download it here.

About Will Wynne

About Will Wynne

Will Wynne is co-founder and MD of workplace pension provider Smart Pension. Smart Pension is an advanced technology platform that specialises in offering auto enrolment for small and micro businesses.


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02nd Jul 2017 19:25

Excellent information, initially I found this a bit of a headache, trying to figure out costs as there are a lot of companies that charge a monthly fee for their services on (top of the contributions of course).

After speaking to my accountants, I realised there were some providers that do not charge a monthly fee, and to make life easier my accountant will set everything up for a very small one off charge...happy days!

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