Seven apps entrepreneurs can use to save time

Janet Newenham
Community manager
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How many hours do you waste every day on seemingly trivial tasks? How many times a day do you check your emails, return missed calls or update your company’s social media channels?

We all spend hours a day on tasks that could be done with the click of a button. Stop what you are doing and check out these eight excellent ways to win back all those lost hours and to cut your workload in half. Technology can save you time and money, you just need to know when to use it.

1) RescueTime


Are you a serial procrastinator? If so, then RescueTime will be your saviour. This excellent app will monitor your computer usage and will let you know exactly how much time you waste checking emails, browsing the web and sneaking a peak at social media channels. It will give you an accurate productivity score and will then give you the option of blocking sites that distract or are not needed in your daily work life.

2) BufferApp


If you're a business owner that’s in charge of your company's social media channels or feel updating your personal account is paramount to a successful business, BufferApp should be an absolute necessity.

This easy to use app allows you schedule social media updates on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the whole day or week in advance, meaning you have no excuse to keep logging on throughout the day.

3) Meetingsbooker


If you are in charge of booking meeting rooms for your company, you will know how tedious the process can be, involving endless phone calls, emails, requests for proposals and negotiating with hotels and conference facilities. allows you to type in exactly what you are looking for, request proposals from your chosen venues and hear back within 24 hours, while the team behind the service does the hard work for you. Not only will the site save you time, but in many cases you will also be offered discounts.

4) Slack


Slack is an incredibly useful app for small business and teams, ideally between three and 50. The app will stop the flow of endless emails between company employees, something that wastes hours from each employee’s day, and will also remove the need for other chat services.

Their slogan – ‘be less busy’ – sums up perfectly what they are all about. Their easy-to-use communication platform stores everything (chats, documents, attachments etc.) in one place, is instantly searchable and accessible for anywhere.

5) CamCard


CamCard is a brilliant smartphone app that reads and saves your business cards, making it easier for you to remember everyone you meet at conferences and events.

The app is supports and recognizes 16 languages, so even if you are given cards in Korean or Russian, it will still be able to collect and store the contact information accurately. CamCard saves you the hassle of manually entering contact details once you return from events and also means you don’t have to worry about losing an all-important contact or business connection.

6) Upwork


Upwork is one of the biggest websites out there for finding freelancers. You simply post what type of services you need (graphic design, website design, copywriting etc.) and then individual contractors will write detailed cover letters to you and bid for the job. You can interview the various candidates, pick your favourites, sign a contract and before you know it you have outsourced work with the click of a button.

7) UberConference


UberConference takes the hassle out of arranging conference calls as it allows you to schedule and set up calls from your smartphone. The app gives you access to the callers LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ profiles before the call, making the research process easier. The app also allows you to share your screen, record your sessions and control mutes and hang ups to ensure a more productive and efficient meeting.


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