How to get more clicks on Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dan Martin
Former editor
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The results of a detailed analysis of Twitter activity reveals how to boost the amount of clicks on tweeted links.

How To Get More Clicks On Your Tweets


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By David Evans
16th Aug 2012 12:09

Some great points here. Im definitely going to try to implement all of these. There are some that you wouldn't necessarily think of which is great, such as using more verbs and less nouns.



-- Dave Evans Commercial Director at accessplanit Specialist in learning management system and learning management software.

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By Penguin
16th Aug 2012 16:28

 Thanks for a really interesting post - I can intuitively see why some of these results would occur, but with others I'd love to know what's going on! For example, doest @Getglue get fewer clicks simply because there have been so many people tweeting about @Getglue that people got Getglue-fatigue? Or is it an app that people don't trust? And I don't personally understand why this 'daily' thing gets people clicking, having seen a few of these so-called personalised papers, but it's fascinating to see the statistics nevertheless.

Thank you for all this food for thought!


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