What we've been reading: Understanding AI, sleep, Google and Snap

What we;ve been reading
Francois Badenhorst
Deputy editor
BusinessZone and UK Business Forums
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What a week it's been! We'd barely recovered from our chocolate induced Easter stupor when the Prime Minister decided the UK could do with yet more political intrigue.

The snap election in June will make it three major political votes in three years. Our throats will be so sore from all the yelling.

Outside of politics, technological progress is steaming ahead with unyielding might. While we're stuck navel gazing, bedazzled by electoral theatrics, the world continues its forward march.

So it's worth staying abreast of what's cooking, my friends. Here are four pieces of journalism you can start with. 

There's a dark secret at the heart of artificial intelligence: no one really understands how it works

AI, to paraphrase Zoolander's main antagonist Mugatu, is "so hot right now". Not just as tech trend, either. It's arguably one of the most lively public debates going.

Elon Musk says we risk extinction! Uber wants self-driving trucks! Amazon wants a drone armada to deliver its goods!

All this pie in the sky stuff is great - but there's a minute problem. For all the advances we've made on AI, we don't really understand how the hell it works.

The point is, writes Will Knight, that we're surrendering ever larger parts of our existence to machines we don't quite understand.

And that's scary.

Sleep In and Make Millions: Why You Don't Need to Wake Up at 5 A.M.

You literally can't go on Instagram (or any social media) without being harangued by some startup guru advocating a set path to success.

Invariably, working insane hours forms a part of their model. The problem with that is is that it sounds, well, it's awful and it'll make you unhappy.

Some people are night owls (like me), others are morning people - it's just about what works for you.

How Google eats a business whole

Another day, another small business getting shafted by a dominant online platform.

CelebrityNetWorth, the brainchild of a former economics student, had blossomed into a nifty operation, filling an interesting niche.

Everything was rosy until Google implemented a new policy that, to put it mildly, completely throttled the site's search traffic.

This story is a worrying reminder of just how vulnerable many startups are to Google and others' whims.

Scott Galloway: Investing in Snap is something 'no one responsible should ever do'

From the headline, you can guess what Scott Galloway, an NYU professor and founder of business intelligence firm L2, thinks of investing in Silicon Valley's latest unicorn.

It's a very condensed soundbite on what's a far larger issue - one we've covered at length, in fact! - but it also provides some juicy insights into how Snap's days may be numbered.  

About Francois

About Francois

Francois is the deputy editor of BusinessZone and UK Business Forums.


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