Four PR tips you can use right now to get press coverage

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Dina Behrman, PR coach and owner of Dina Behrman Communications, shares tips for doing your own PR to get publicity for your small business.
Are you using PR to market your small business? If not, you’re missing a trick… PR is a truly powerful medium for giving your small business some serious va-va-voom.
Done correctly, PR can help you to build your brand, be seen as an authority in you field, gain more exposure for your business, reach new audiences and create a buzz about your business.
And the good news is, you don’t have to pay a fortune to a big PR agency to achieve great results.
It’s perfectly possible to gain some brilliant coverage in papers, magazines, trade publications, online or even on TV and radio, by doing your own PR campaign.
Take a look at these top tips you can employ right now to set you off on the path to some brilliant PR success.
  1. Find your story
PR can work for every kind of business. Honestly. It’s just about finding the right angle. Think about what your story is. What is it about your business that a journalist might find interesting? What is new and/or different about your business? Brainstorm some ideas and find your unique news story. Once you have it, think about which kind of publications might be interested in running something on your business. Then you simply need to create a press release that tells your story, and send the release to relevant publications.
  1. Write your press release
Which leads us to writing your press release. A press release is a written document that tells the journalist the who, what, when, where, why and how of your story. It needs to be clear and compelling enough to get your story across and to hold the journalist’s attention. Make sure you also include your contact details in the release so that the journalist can easily get in touch with you. It’s all about making things hassle-free for the journalist, so that they will be more inclined to cover your story. Oh, and always check the spelling and grammar before you send it to the journalist. First impressions and all that.
  1. Get in touch with journalists
So, you’ve got your well-written press release, now you just need to get the journalist to read it. The first tip for achieving this, is to get on the right side of the journalist. Bear in mind they’re likely to be super-busy, so don’t risk them dismissing your press release before you even get started. Email your press release to them  - this way they can read it when they get the chance, rather than being put on the spot by you calling them up. And never send the release as an attachment, but instead paste it into the body of the email. Similarly, when you send over an accompanying photo, send it low-res, so that it doesn’t clog up the journalist’s inbox. Like I said before, it’s all about keeping things easy for the journalist so that they write lovely things about your business.
  1. Shout about your coverage
Once you do get that fantastic coverage, don’t forget to tell everyone about it. Let your clients and suppliers know, and tweet about it, Google+ it, Facebook it. You can even blog about it and stick it in your newsletter. After all, everyone likes a good news story.

Have any questions about how to do your own PR? Leave a comment below.

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By amoscow74
22nd Nov 2013 11:37

Thanks Dina, there are some excellent tips here.

I would add that even if you don't have any news, you can achieve some impressive coverage.

Tapping into your experience and expertise uncovers a rich vein of content that you can use at any time to generate PR pieces.

Just look at this site. Sure some of it is news driven but a great deal of the content has come from entrepreneurs sharing insights that they've learnt through experience.

There are abundant opportunities to share this kind of information using the media. The key is to understand what you prospects are struggling with and create content that addresses those issues.

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By Dina Behrman
22nd Nov 2013 12:01

Glad you found the tips useful!

I agree, writing guest blog posts or guest articles is a really effective way to generate some PR coverage. It's all about thinking about what your area of expertise is...


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By Beauty Queen
22nd Nov 2013 17:35

Interesting tips Dina so thank you!   I'm shortly going to be contacting journalists and will take your advice and not include attachments.



Thanks (0)
By Dina Behrman
25th Nov 2013 09:15

Glad you found the tips helpful - good luck with sending out your press release! If you need any other help feel free to get in touch. You can always pop over to my Facebook page


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