Infographic: Entrepreneurs inspired while on the toilet and other interesting start-up statistics

Dan Martin
Former editor
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Two fifths of entrepreneurs have come up with the idea for a business while on the toilet, new research reveals.

According to support organisation Business Link, which recently launched new services, the loo is the ninth most popular place for having a Eureka moment. Other inspirational locations and activities include lying in bed, while at work and in the pub

Business Link also found that seeing another friend make the leap into enterprise is the reason behind why 34% of people started a business with 16% saying they were inspired while watching BBC's Dragons' Den.

Here's an infographic which explains the results:


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By [email protected]
30th Nov 2011 12:03

Has anyone read Billionaire Boy! This is straight out of there


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By Lionheartins
30th Nov 2011 14:35

 How were these statistics compiled? 

So inspiration was at:

work                    72%
talking to friends 57%
bed                      49%
while exercising   49%
on holiday           49%
in the car            44%
in a dream          42%
on the train        41%
on the toilet       41%
in the pub          41%

So unless people have been inspired whilst talking to friends, at work, in the bathroom, which is located on a train I make it 443%?

An explanation would be great so I can get the most out of the article.

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By wykthorr
30th Nov 2011 19:36

 It was probably a multiple choice question. It's likely one person had multiple ideas so the question was probably like: "choose which places inspired you" or something.

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06th Jan 2016 09:37

whatever u do but every one should be entrepreneur

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