Shoestring startups: How the spending adds up [INFOGRAPHIC]

Dan Martin
Former editor
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As part of the Startup Clinic, hosted by our sister community UK Business Forums and sponsored by Microsoft, we asked small business owners about their experiences of starting a business. Here's what they told us. To share your own experiences, tweet using #startupclinic.

shoestring startups infographic
Icon design by: Scott Lewis, from The Noun Project, Fabio Meroni, from The Noun Project, Marie Poumeyrol from The Noun Project, Gabriele Fumero from The Noun Project
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By Chrise
07th Nov 2012 12:34

 Love the Infographic. Can I use it during my business start-up training courses please?

Chris Leighton

Director. Business Skills Clinic

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By Dan Martin
07th Nov 2012 14:31

Pleased to hear you like the infographic Chris. You're very welcome to include it in your training if you use it in full and include the branding.

Dan Martin

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