'Vampire' bank RBS accused of ruining businesses and lives

Dan Martin
Former editor
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The mistreatment of some companies by Royal Bank of Scotland's business turnaround division has destroyed their owners' lives, it has been claimed. 

Lawrence Tomlinson, entrepreneur-in-residence at the Department for Business, was giving evidence to the Treasury Select Committee following the publication of a report in which he accused RBS, which is 80% owned by the taxpayer, of profiting from small businesses' property assets by forcing them to collapse and charging higher fees.

Tomlinson said the majority of the 23 cases of alleged bad practice by UK banks related to RBS' Global Restructuring Group (GRG), which, he said, changed from being a division tasked with turning around failing businesses into a "debt collection agency". 

Comparing the bank to a "vampire", the Yorkshire entrepreneur told MPs that he believed the mistreatment was systematic with GRG officials incentivised to shut companies down rather than revive them. 

He related one example of a 20-year-old company trading with £1m profits that was referred to GRG. It withdrew overdraft facilities which led to the business owner having to make staff redundant. 

"[Businesses] are kept in GRG and as soon as they get any cash to invest and grow it is just taken away," Tomlinson told MPs. "We have seen people's charges being exactly the amount of profit they have made."

One whistleblower told Tomlinson:  "I can't remember the last time I had a business go to GRG and come back."

Questioned about what he believed an Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigation into the report will find, the advisor to business secretary Vince Cable added: "The FCA will be shocked by the treatment of businesses and the lives that have been ruined."

Tomlinson called for reform of the banking industry and the introduction of greater competition.

"The banks have become bigger than too big to fail...[and] bigger than too big to regulate. We need a change of the banking landscape so businesses can grow. The bank should grow its business not to the detriment of the [customer] but with the [customer]."

Before his report, Tomlinson was approached by 200 companies alleging mistreatment by RBS but since it was published, he said the figure has grown to more than 1,000.  

An RBS spokesperson commented: "The vast majority of businesses that have gone through GRG have had a positive outcome, either returned to the main bank, moved to another bank or paid their debt back with only a minority facing insolvency.

"These are serious allegations that have done damage to RBS's reputation, and the independent review by Clifford Chance we have commissioned will examine these."
To watch a video of the Treasury Select Committee meeting, click here.


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By MGS Motorsport
31st Jan 2014 14:03

 Hi All

Regarding the way that RBS treats their customers businesses this dosnt surprize me I recently did a financial review on my mothers finances as my father had recently passed away only to discover  my mothers RBS account only to find a credit card she hasnt used for 3 years and the card had been cut up , my mother is now short sighted and going deaf so she cant deal with these things . My Mother has been a RBS customer for 50 years and I was appalled to find out the APR on this card was 20 percent, now I thought this was diabolical so I phoned their customer services to see if we could either have the APR dropped to a more reasonable 17.5 percent APR as per the normal market rate or as she wasnt using the card and was just paying off the balance to have the interest stopped altogether.

The balance on this card is £6807 and the interest alone was £127.20 by the time you take this into account she was only paying of £10 to £15 pounds on this balance 

As my mother isnt in any financial difficulty and has never missed a payment, I was point blankly refused any help as my mother wasnt in any financial difficulty the only way they told me they would help is for my mother to start missing her payments and then ruin her credit rating then they might be able to do something about the above.

I couldnt belieive what I was hearing so the RBS was going to force her into ruining her credit rating, which I thought was absurd.

If they are doing this to their loyal customers I wouldnt be surprized if they were much worse with their business customers 




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By Event Video Services
31st Jan 2014 15:12
You will find more information on this ongoing saga by Scottish financial journalist, Ian Fraser here: http://www.ianfraser.org/the-financial-terrorism-of-royal-bank-of-scotland/ And an interview with another victim of GRG here: http://youtu.be/2zntF8DQR3U?t=11m52s You can follow these stories of financial fraud online quite easily (I have followed this story for over a year); not so much in the traditional media however. I would highly recommend doing your own research if you run a business as there is a lot of fraud going on! -- Communicating your business USP and benefits through video.
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